Using Oracle RAC Cluster Health Advisor(ochad)

Cluster Health Advisor(ochad) in RAC Oracle Environment

Oracle Cluster Health Advisor runs as on available cluster resource, ochad, on each node in the cluster.
Each Oracle Cluster Health Advisor daemon (ochad) monitors the operating system on the cluster node and each database instance on the RAC Nodes.

Fetch report from Cluster health check advisory

-- TEXT file
chactl query diagnosis -db oltpacdb -start "2019-02-01 02:00:00" -end "2019-02-01 03:00:00"

chactl query diagnosis -start "2016-07-03 20:50:00" -end "2016-07-04 03:50:00" -htmlfile ~/chaprob.html

Monitor the database
Note: CHACTL run with user Grid to turn on monitoring of the database.

chactl monitor database –db db_unique_name

Stop the monitoring of database

chactl unmonitor database –db db_unique_name

Check monitoring status of all cluster nodes and databases

chactl status -verbose

Retrieve the repository details

chactl query repository

specified max retention time(hrs) : 72
available retention time(hrs) : 212
available number of entities : 2
allocated number of entities : 0
total repository size(gb) : 2.00
allocated repository size(gb) : 0.07

Change the retention time in hours

chactl set maxretention -time number_of_hours
chactl set maxretention -time 80
max retention successfully set to 80 hours

View the Status of Cluster Health Advisory Service on all nodes

srvctl status cha
Cluster Health Advisor is running on nodes racNode1, racNode2.
Cluster Health Advisor is not running on nodes racNode3, racNode4.

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