Oracle ASMCA Commands in Oracle19c

The Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant (ASMCA) command-line interface provides non-GUI support for configuring Oracle ASM instances using ASMCA, Oracle ASM disk groups, volumes, and Oracle ACFS.

Running ASMCA Command-Line

The syntax for running the ASMCA command-line tool is:

asmca -silent command_name [options] 

The following is an example of the -help option.

$ asmca -help
asmca [-silent] [-sysAsmPassword <SYS user password>] [-asmsnmpPassword <ASMSNMP password>] {<command> <options>}
Please refer to the manual for details.
You can enter one of the following commands:
Configure an Oracle ASM Instance

configureASM configures or creates an Oracle ASM instance.


asmca -silent
       [-sysAsmPassword sysasm_password ]
       [ -asmsnmpPassword asm_monitor_password ] 
       [ { -param paramname=paramvalue , ... } ]
       [ { -diskString discovery_path
        { -diskGroupName diskgroup
         { -disk disk_path [-diskName disk]  |
          -diskList disk_list 
              [-diskSize disk_size_MB] 
              [-failuregroup failure_group] 
              [-quorum|-noquorum]  }
       [ -redundancy { HIGH | NORMAL | EXTERNAL } ] } ]
       [-au_size value]
       [-compatible.asm value ]
       [-compatible.rdbms value ]
       [-compatible.advm value ] }

To configure an Oracle ASM instance:

Using asmca -silent -configureASM

asmca -silent
          -diskString '/devices/disk*'
          –sysAsmPassword my_sysasm_password
          -asmsnmpPassword my_asmsnmp_passwd

To configure parameters for a specified target instance:

Using asmca -silent -configureParameter

asmca -silent
        –sysAsmPassword my_sysasm_password

To create disk groups in an Oracle ASM instance:

Using asmca -silent -createDiskGroup

$ asmca -silent -createDiskGroup
       -diskGroupName mynewdg
           -disk '/devices/diske*'
           -disk '/devices/diskk*'
       -redundancy NORMAL
       -au_size 64
       -compatible.asm ''
       -compatible.rdbms ''
       -compatible.advm ''

DiskGroup mynewdg created successfully.

To add disks to an existing disk group:

Using asmca -silent -addDisk

asmca -silent
          -diskGroupName mynewdg 
             -disk '/devices/diskl1'
             -disk '/devices/diskl2'

Disks added successfully to diskgroup mynewdg.